Sailing to the Sun and Back II

A new take on the original “Sailing to the Sun and Back” from 2013


Sailing to the sun and back

Sailing to the sun and back

Here’s a sailing video with a peaceful, contemplative feel.

Fall is a nice time to sail in Southern California. The winds are usually moderate, resulting in minimal swell and chop. Fewer boaters, and, on this day hardly any ship and commercial traffic. Great for capturing the relaxing aspect of sailing.

I took Antigone (or did she take me?) for an afternoon sail, leaving the Los Angeles Harbor entrance and heading toward Catalina Island.

Antigone, pronounced (an-ti-ge-nee), is a 27ft long, 19ft wide Formula F-27 folding trimaran built by Corsair Marine.



For a HiDef view, click the HD symbol which will take you to Vimeo, then choose Full Screen and Scaling off. Enjoy.