Jeff & Nicole

Jeff & Nicole

Had a great time assisting my daughter with a photoshoot.

Here are a couple images I captured of her subjects while not busy managing reflectors and flash equipment.

What a great young couple Jeff and Nicole are. Two very fun-loving and incredibly nice people.

Discussing the location’s fountain features.


Multi Light Quadra

Multi Light Quadra

Nikon D300 24-70@62mm
1/200sec @f/5.0 ISO200

Elinchrom 39″ Deep Octa both diffusers, subject left.
On camera fill from SB-800 w/DIY soft reflector
2nd Quadra fitted with 7″ reflector and 10 degree spot grid to subject right rear.

Didn’t have suitable background to light. Actually, the more I look at this image, the more I like it with the total blackness of the background.

In post I included some high-pass/hard-light blending to give it a bit more grit.

One light exercise

One light exercise

First attempt at using a single Quadra head in the 39″ Deep Octa. No other lights, just white fill reflectors;one to the models right and one below.

I went for the additional softness by using both the inner and outer diffusion panels.

Been a long time since I did any studio type portraits.  I’m easing myself back into it, starting with one light.  Although I chose the battery powered Ranger Quadra for location work, this type of simple studio setup is a great way to eliminate all the variables and learn about the qualities of this new light/modifier.

Nikon D300/24-70 2.8
1/250 sec @ f/8
Quadra A head @ ~90ws

Quadra head protection

Quadra head protection

It seems many Quadra owners are unhappy with Elinchrom’s inability to provide a protective cover for the heads flash tube. New to this unit myself, I feel the same way.

I found the perfect off-the-shelf, grocery shelf that is, translucent container that makes a great Elinchrom Quadra flash tube protector.  The PDF template I provide below was created for use as a cutting guide.  The template will make it quick and easy to get a secure, perfect fitting and positive locking cover.

The first one I made came out perfect and is as small as it can possibly be.

The second one made here is 20mm deeper to provide some clearance (20mm) between the cover and the front of the flash tube.

What I have in mind, since the plastic seems pretty color neutral, is a possible bare bulb softener, much like the “stofen” type diffusers used on speedlights.  Not sure how this will hold up to the heat generation of repeated, high powered flashes. But., I think with the 3/4″+ clearance in front of the tube it should be okay providing I don’t do too many rapid higher powered flashes.  I really didn’t notice much heat build up in some of my initial tests.